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newsletter-buttonHere’s a note from a man who had a stroke. Some friends and I drove to pray for him in the hospital.

I just got back from my internal medicine specialist who is my primary care doctor. He told me that he has been ” constantly amazed” at my rate of recovery,” from my valve replacement and major stroke. He said I am “1-2 years ahead of where I should be.” He is not Christian. So I believe him even more since he has nothing to prove in my miraculous recovery.When I was totally blown up last November, and felt about 75 % dead, the doctors in the acute rehab, helping me regain the use the right side of my body, as well as my mental functions, including several non-Christian doctors, told me my recovery for the four weeks I spent there was miraculous.So because of this I would like to thank all of you for all of your support and many wonderful prayers. The Lord has blessed me beyond belief because of them.When I first had my stroke I thought my life was over. It felt like it.But because of your faith and prayers the Lord pulled me out of the dark hole it felt like I was in, and restored me to where I am today.I cannot ever thank you enough for what your faith did for me.God bless!

  • I had a word of knowledge for back pain. I prayed for the man twice and he was totally healed. Afterwards, he told me that him touching his toes was impossible because he has 4 metal screws in his back.
  • I was out walking in the park with a friend and loving on homeless people when I saw a woman sitting at a picnic table. I went up and started talking to her. She allowed me to pray for her and God healed her back. She was very surprised since she has received prayer for it in the past but nothing happened.
  • Sitting on the plane I saw a picture of the guy next to me on a motorcycle going really, really fast and then taking off into flight. I shared it with the man next to me and spoke what I believe God was giving me about his life having favor and him being elevated. He was greatly encouraged because he was in the process of applying for a promotion in his line of work.
  • Another time on an air plane I received a picture of the person next to me reading books, then I heard ‘physiology’ and saw a picture of a muscular-skelatal system that zoomed in on the right shoulder. I asked if it meant anything to him and he was surprised because he had a shoulder injury and was in pain. He was healed and greatly encouraged.
  • Prayed for a woman’s leg that grew out about 1/2″.
  • After preaching on identity someone came up to me and said “Finally, I get it. I’ve heard lots of teaching on who we are in Christ, but never like this before. It connected the pieces and I was finally able to get it.” Another person shared “This little boy grew up today.” God was SO powerfully touching people that night revealing their identity!
  • I prayed for a person in the store with back pain. She said she was on too many drugs to be able to tell if she was healed or not. When I finished praying someone else ran up and introduced themselves and said they had back pain and wanted prayer too! They were totally healed!
  • My friend had pain in her neck. It took a couple of times praying, but she got fully healed and free from all pain.
  • My friend and I prayed over my son who had fallen out of bed and had pain in his back, nausea and a headache. After prayer he said he didn’t have a headache anymore and the pain was all gone. After a couple of more prayer times, he was totally healed.
  • While out on the streets in Harrisburg, we came upon a woman sitting on her porch. We prayed for her and for healing for her mother. Then, God began to speak to me about her and I shared it with her. Afterwards, the woman I was out with asked her if she knew and had a relationship with Jesus. She said no but she wanted one. So, we were privileged to lead her to the Lord and pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit!
  • Prayed for a man who had hip pain. After prayer, no more pain.
  • Prayed for a homeless man in Baltimore. His legs were crooked and as we prayed they straightened. Then, he took of jumping and running to check out what God had done for him!
  • Recently, I went to the dentist and saw the receptionist I prayed for 6 months earlier. When I prayed that day 6 months ago, the pain left her body. She told me this time (6 months later) that she had carpal tunnel for 6 weeks before I prayed for her. Since I prayed, she has had no pain!
  • Prayed for a woman with neck pain where she wasn’t able to fully move her neck, sleep well, and had severe headaches. The pain went away and she has restored mobility in her neck!
  • Ron had a fused neck, couldn’t bend over beyond his knees and had pain in his knees. Here’s Ron’s testimony about how God healed his broken body and he didn’t use “no Benny Hinn to do it, just ordinary folks”

Ron’s Testimony video pt 1

Ron’s Testimony video pt 2

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