Fruit in the Storm

By Donna McCabe (Ready For The Harvest Founder)

When we encounter the trials of life, there are many ways we react. Some react with denial: ignoring what is happening and doing nothing about it, all while hoping the situation will go away. Then there are those who try to run from the problem. This is accomplished through distractions like shopping sprees, alcohol, food, diving into work, etc. Some fight back, trying anything and everything they can to make the problem go away. If it is something within their control this is often a viable option. However, it fails and leaves people exhausted when the problem is beyond their control. We may pray about the problem, looking for help in our turmoil. We may complain, feel self-pity, carry depression, etc. As I’ve been walking through my health issues, I can honestly say that I have done all of these (minus the alcohol, as I’m not much of a drinker). 

I look at the New Testament heroes of faith and I don’t see them running, complaining or doing anything except worshipping. Peter and John were arrested after healing the blind man at the gate. They confronted their accusers boldly, and after release went and worshipped, asking God for more boldness. Stephen, when he was arrested, didn’t complain. He stood in confidence; even facing death he was solidly focused on Christ, not worried about how to get out of the situation or complaining about how God could allow this to happen to him. The list goes on.

They all did not run from their problems, but trusted God in the process. Right where they were at, fruit came forth. Steven, when he was killed, manifested fruit of peace which came from rest. As a result, those who were stoning him were deeply convicted. Fruit came from the storm. When Paul was arrested he worshipped, not running when the doors opened, and the resulting fruit was that the prison guards came to Christ. Fruit in the storm.

No matter what you are going through personally, in our nation, in your family, at work or wherever, I can say that fruit will come IN the storm if we keep our focus right. I have been trying to escape my storm, and believed that the fruit would come once it was over and I could get back to ministry. That was a lie. God wants to bring forth great fruit IN the middle of my storm. Through the tempest of tears, I know great fruit is coming right here, right now in the middle of my storm. I don’t have to do anything other than rest and trust God.  The same is true for you! As you rest and trust God each step of the way, fruit will come in the middle of your storm, not because of what you do but because it is who God is.

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