Positively, Genuinely Unoffendable

By Abby Hersh (Ready For The Harvest Intern)

Is being unoffendable… actually human?

This week has already been another lesson in this for me, as I stumbled upon a short “be unoffendable sermon” on YouTube, naturally the very night before an unpleasant argument with someone very close to me. In those situations it becomes quite easy to blame something that was said or done, or how it was said or done, as the reason for our resulting reaction. But even that mentality, though common, pushes responsibility away from ourselves. It encourages us to believe that we in fact don’t have control over our emotions and responses, and are dependent upon what other people do or say for how we’re going to feel and act. What seems like wisdom and honesty is actually bondage… bondage to man’s way of thinking, which greatly hinders the richness of our relationships and the loving power of Holy Spirit working through us. God has called us into supernatural living with supernatural responses to things like conflict and confrontation, only because it’s been proven possible for the Jesus living inside of us!

So why can it be so hard to take ownership of that Heavenly-wisdom mindset? For me at least, it gets more and more difficult to follow the more I’ve been neglecting my precious time with the Lord. In the above scenario of disagreeing with a loved one, why didn’t I take a mental note of the beautiful sermon I had just heard the night before, and respond to the initial criticism I received accordingly- with humility, understanding, love and grace? One way in which my spiritual armor against the devil’s schemes had come down: simply neglecting quality time with the Godhead. A brief stint of wonderfully in-depth morning quiet time had fizzled off into quick morning prayers in the car ride to work. Even those short moments of connection were soon replaced with vocal exercises, car radio singalongs and on-the-go breakfasts. Early mornings became last-minute mornings; then Sunday church mornings became other-things-to-get-done mornings, and I started becoming all-around “too busy” to plug into my one and only Life Source- the only One worth living for in the first place!

All of this happened in the mere span of the past month or so; it can be so subtle, so quick, almost indiscernible, our drifting away from our wonderful Jesus. What usually IS discernible though, is how it gradually begins affecting more and more areas of our life. It starts seeming a little more difficult to get along with some of our loved ones. Giving money to those in need becomes a little more painful, or little thought of in the first place. We may feel a general emotional exhaustion or malaise that’s difficult to shake. Old bad habits may start slipping back (for me things related to disorganization, irresponsibility and stubbornness). It doesn’t take long to realize that life lived without the Lord is far less beautiful… far less peaceful, joyful and fruitful. For that I am tremendously thankful, because these days it snaps me back to His side quite quickly! Who really wants to leave God’s presence once they realize how much more fulfilling life is with Him? It’s only when the enemy’s lies and the world’s wisdom take hold in our minds that we can start settling for anything less.

I hope this reminder to my own heart to “plug back in” can encourage yours to do the same! (Hopefully you’ve been staying plugged in along though!) ;) How beautiful is our Jesus. How amazing the price He paid for us, and how open His arms continue to be to every one of His children. May we keep our hearts close to Him, in that spirit of faith, surrender, repentance and childlike dependence that He adores. May we continue to find our rest and refuge right where we were created to be all along. May we continue to saturate our minds with His beautiful, life-giving Word, and battle against every lie with our praises, petitions and intercessions. May we continue to know and believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that He is with us, He is for us and He has placed us here for an incredible purpose and incredible fellowship with Him every single day. Let’s fall in love all over again, brothers and sisters in Christ, with the One and only One who brings us freedom and life!

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