Not Lacking, but Ready for More!

By Donna McCabe (Ready For The Harvest Founder)

Spiritual hunger- what’s healthy and what isn’t?

Years ago, there was a place where I was desperate for a touch from God; I was desperate for more of Him. I just had to have something. This is okay for a season. The Bible says those who are thirsty WILL BE satisfied. However, mine went on for years. I didn’t realize how really unhealthy that was. If you think about it: if my child is desperate for communication and interaction with me, there’s something dysfunctional in that relationship. As God began to show me that, I  began to realize He has given me everything I need. 

But, you know, in human wisdom sometimes we swing the pendulum too far the other way. At one point after I realized I already have everything, I thought it meant I didn’t need to be hungry anymore. That’s not good either, because there’s this place where you want to be satisfied with (and thankful for) where you are at with God, but still hungry for more- still hungering for your life to reflect more of Him. And so, there I was; knowing I had everything but being complacent in where I was at. That was not healthy either. That is not spiritual growth and maturity.

So, that led me to what I believe is a place of balance where I realized God has given me everything; I lack nothing in Him! Absolutely nothing. The fullness of Christ dwells in me, and anything I see Christ doing in His life is mine. The reality of that can be manifest and should be manifest in my life. And so true spiritual hunger really is being grateful for where I’m at and what I see of God in my life; but also yielding myself and renewing my mind to the truth that there is more. There’s always more! My life doesn’t look like Christ yet… there’s more people for me to love. There’s more miracles for me to see. There’s more in the prophetic to explore. (I haven’t raised the dead yet- there’s more there!)

Healthy spiritual hunger is being grateful for where you’re at; understanding that you already have everything and continually renewing your mind to that truth; then seeking out, intentionally seeking out (hungering for), more of God to be a reality in your life.

Where do you want more? What are you doing to see the more? Are you renewing your mind to God’s truth in that area? Are you giving away what you have and ‘living it’ so you can see more? Wherever you are at, God will grant you more as you steward what you have.

Father God, I thank you for giving people more!  Thank you for helping us to see the amazing grace that has changed us, transformed us, and enables us to walk in the fullness of Christ.  Thank you that our lives reflect Christ. We will see the same things in our life that Christ did and greater things because you live in us. Thank you that we can still see more of you in our own lives and in our journey with you. There is more for us. And, I bless that more to be made manifest in each and everyone who reads this.  In Jesus name, amen!

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