Good Things and God Things

By Abby Hersh (Ready For The Harvest Intern)

Are you finding it difficult to make time with Jesus?
I don’t know if you’re chalk-full of goals like me, but there is so much I’d like to get well-aligned and smooth-running in my day-to-day living and so much I want to be responsible in, as-unto-the-Lord. Things like deepening relationships with loved ones; being well-involved in a home church; growing in my knowledge of the Word; serving the orphaned and widowed; budgeting, saving and generously giving; keeping my home well-maintained; cooking healthy meals and getting in better shape; reaching creative, personal, career and ministry goals, and so on and so forth, in an endless list of desires and hopes for effective, forward-moving living.

The sheer magnitude of all we can potentially learn and grow in and experience in our world (with so little allotted time to accomplish it) can become overwhelming fast. Maybe hitting all of those points and reaching various life objectives comes quite easily for you. If so, I salute you to no end! God has gifted you in an incredible way, and that’s something to praise Him for (and possibly make into a career… life coaching, anyone?). For the rest of us struggling to manage our time/responsibilities/priorities properly: don’t succumb to those voices accusing you of inadequacy. There is hope! There is grace. There is a better way than constantly striving to “be better” and constantly being disappointed at our results. What the Spirit mercifully won’t allow me forget, is that God is the only true source of any sort of ability to thrive in this challenging adventure called life. There’s an endless array of good and beautiful things we can get involved with and focus on and improve upon; but that 24-hour time restraint framing each day (along with bodies literally crafted for 8 or so hours of sleep) forces the need for “God things”- things that are both good AND specifically anointed, ordained and timed (always perfectly) by Him, in the current season we’re walking through. (I’m not referring to the continuous moments where we can just step out in authority and touch people’s lives with the love of Christ though… if we always wait for Heavenly confirmations and [our idea of] sufficient aptitude before sharing the Good News, no one in our lives may ever hear it!)

Taking the “God things” thought deeper, I believe His Word confirms that the most freedom is found in keeping our gaze joyfully centered above and beyond those “things” in the first place; remembering that there can’t ever be anything more satisfying and fulfilling than simply knowing Him in the most intimate way. (This is a much-needed reminder for me as much as anyone! In reading back through Donna and I’s earlier blog posts again, I was reawakened to how cleverly and subtly lesser concerns can creep into the lead spot; how gradually that flame in us can fade out if we don’t intentionally add more firewood.) No matter how unnatural seeking to know Him and spend time with Him can seem to our physical minds and bodies (and our culture’s constant busyness and striving), we can rest assured that this far better option is always available. The Spirit in us- and His resultant fruits (Galatians 5:22-23)- will confirm our best state of being: being in the closest of loving relationships with our Creator.

We must trust that those minutes and hours spent in pursuit- seeking Him in the quiet; talking directly to Him in our own words, from our own heart; enjoying Him; praising Him for who He is; waiting upon His instructions and guidance, are vital to our functioning and thriving. That following through in obedience- even when it makes no sense at all or is massively inconvenient to our plans and rationalizations- is far more valuable than anything we could ever accomplish throughout a slam-packed, to-do-list day. We must recognize the unsurpassable value in making ourselves Spirit-sensitive, trained to hear and obey our Father’s voice; picking the “good portion” that Martha dismissed but Mary rightfully and unashamedly received (Luke 10:41-42). We need to stay humble enough to retain a childlike, dependent-on-Papa approach; often appearing foolish to the world but enduring as the wisest, most rewarding, most effective position we could possibly be in. With this perspective, with this strategy being permanently etched as first on our to-do list, we will correctly choose to fill our allotted time with the life-giving “God things”; and enjoy the richest and most beautiful communion (and life) that could ever be known.
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