The Mountain-Moving Walk

By Abby Hersh (Ready For The Harvest Intern)

Does the way I think, act, and react everyday prove to Jesus that I believe Him?

Not intending to start every blog post with a question, but that seems to be the pattern that’s forming! This question came to my mind as Donna was telling me about a great Dan Mohler teaching she had just listened to; to paraphrase, it explained our tendency as Christians to carefully tip-toe through fear-based lives, the majority of our time spent in relative safety and comfort, and the majority of our prayers consumed by problems we’re worried about and needing God to fix. It made me realize how these habits can hold us back from so much life and fullness… from experiencing the truly “good stuff” we were meant for: the bold, effective, powerfully anointed prayers and intercessions and declarations; the trust-founded intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that constantly grows, challenges, surprises and delights us. When we spend all of our time consumed by the lesser issues of life- watching each day pan out in a self-focused defensive stance- we tragically miss the offensive approach; we never get to start moving mountains. It’s the sacrificial, faith-filled, dead-to-self living that transforms entire communities and cities and nations around us, one heart at a time.

I wish I could say I’ve already arrived at the mountain-moving Christian walk. (I may be moving small pebbles at the moment!) Have to admit I still haven’t even stepped out to pray for a nonbeliever yet since my last posting; just gave one (rejected) offer to pray for a young woman’s cough sadly. But I don’t want to fall into the trap of deciding I’m “stuck” where I’m at; that I haven’t arrived “by a long shot” and may not for years to come. None of us as believers, no matter how fearful or short-sighted or apparently ineffective at the present time, are as far from victorious living as we perceive. It all begins with small day-to-day steps in the right direction, in the direction of the throne room!

To get practical about this pursuit (a pursuit of deeper intimacy with God that naturally leads to righteous living), I do have to say that a new practice of last Monday to Friday already began radically transforming my journey (and even my workplace): get ready for this life-changing, earth-shattering revelation….. quiet time in the morning! Now I know this is something we hear we should do all the time, but knowing I should never gave me the motivation to actually try, like many things. But from a wonderful combination of powerful prayer impartation and good ‘ol fashioned decisions to start growing up, I have finally begun walking the talk of quiet time. It still isn’t happening every single morning- and last week the time I began grew later and later with each passing day- but it’s something I’m committed to prioritizing and pressing in for, and eventually making as natural as flossing. (You floss everyday, right?) ;)

For this first week I decided to invest the hours into praying specifically for my coworkers and our general office environment, and subtle but encouraging changes began taking root. I was becoming progressively more confident in my authority and relationship with Jesus; I was more aware of the power of His presence pervading the building, its various workspaces, rooms and corridors. Natural favor and easy conversation with many of the staff members around me seemed to increase. Even our own department was more joyful and unified than usual. There was an all-around positive and peaceful energy in that small shared room, at least enough to keep me excited about showing up early. (This isn’t to say that resistance never came against it though! Some surprising trials and testings definitely still developed.) But I just know that heaven was with us that week, and will absolutely continue making quiet time a priority in the days to come. As long as I constantly remind myself of the amazing things Jesus has already done through it, I’ll remain ignited with vision and passion and purpose even in the face of adversity. (We can’t ever forget the power of our testimonies!)

After hearing this story of God using a small step to bring significant impact, in what areas of your own life are you most desiring to see His breakthrough and resurrection life? How can you begin to bring small (or big) sacrificial changes, like daily quiet time, into those situations? I challenge each of us to pick something new to walk out this week, and share each other’s experiences afterwards! I bet we’ll be shocked at how those small moves of faith begin transforming relationships, environments and our overall eyes for the mighty goodness of Jesus.
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