Compelled by Love

By Donna McCabe (Ready For The Harvest Founder)

I’ve heard it said that stepping out into the supernatural is very much like pressing a boulder, or trying to push a car that won’t start. There’s this hard part at the very beginning where you’re trying to gain momentum; you’re trying to pick up enough speed to make it easier, but it’s just really a struggle at first!

That’s exactly what I experienced when I first started stepping out in this; it was hard to approach anybody. Sometimes when I did I got shut down. And I never even saw anybody healed in that moment… never! I think I prayed for people for two years before I finally saw, on a somewhat consistent basis, people get healed. It was two full years of stepping out (not everyday, but at least once a week) and praying for those I crossed paths with. Two years of searching Scripture, and figuring out that this really is God’s will (and actually convincing myself of it)! Two years, at least, of setting aside time every day to worship Him, commune with Him, host His presence; spending time renewing my mind to the truth that He’s in me and I’m in Him, and we are one. That when I pray for people it’s not really me praying for them, and it’s not really me healing them, but it’s Him in me that does this. That it’s His good pleasure, His design, His perfect will to flow through me; to let me be the vessel; to use His people to see other people healed and bring forth the Kingdom here on Earth. That’s what it’s all about! 

And as I kept praying for people, and kept praying for people, at first it was about seeing people healed. My motives were wrong. And then He began to check my heart motive, and I realized that it had been about growing a gifting or growing in something. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but there has to come a time where we change, and our heart motive is about loving the one in front of us, and becoming love; becoming just like our Father. And then as I stepped out with this heart motive of love, I realized love never fails; and as I would pray for people I would see them healed! It’s a glorious thing to be a part of… and I’m amazed that He chooses to use us in this capacity. 

I got rid of a bunch of the lies I’d believed that held me back… lies that said people deserved the sickness that they had; that there was somebody they didn’t forgive, or there was some sort of sin. I realized that God is a God of mercy, not a God of judgment. And it was in that truth, in realizing that truth, that I began stepping into a new place where over half of the people I prayed for (easily half of the people) on a given day were healed. On a great day I would see 90% healed (just out in the marketplace, in everyday life, when I would go out for outreach). That really shifted things for me. And now here I am… I’ve seen everything from AIDs, to tumors, to metal in backs, just everything healed. And it’s amazing; and it’s glorious, and I encourage you to go for more because there is always more! 

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