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Family Matters

By Abby Hersh (Ready For The Harvest Intern)

Have you ever faced very real spiritual resistance towards being involved in a church community, especially on Sundays?

I have to confess that this has become a major battle for me as of a few months ago. There’s never been a time that I’ve regretted attending a wonderful church… the message is always timely and applicable; the worship powerful and connecting; the volunteering meaningful and eye-opening; the time spent in community encouraging (or at least stretching in a needed way, while building new relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ). It’s a wonderful, refreshing start to the week and perfect way to give thanks to our glorious Lord. Yet as of late, it feels like a huge struggle to get there.

If I’m honest with myself, I’ll admit this problem seems to have started soon after getting turned down for a spot on the church’s worship team. (It’s a small-but-mighty congregation that’s still quite new, and the leaders chose about a third of us who auditioned to join their talented team.) I felt their decision was completely fair, as they had expectations of excellence and I’m by no means a highly skilled singer yet; nor had I been attending the church for very long. It was an awkward in-between phase for me, having recently transferred out of my last church of 3.5 years and trying to find grounding somewhere new and close to home. My not getting chosen for worship made absolute sense, but (not likely by strange coincidence) it seems to have become extremely difficult to make it back into that building after that. In fact, I have not been back to the church since receiving that news in September. The funny thing is that it wasn’t even a permanent “no”. They emphasized to us that more auditions would be held throughout the year, and we’d always be welcome to come back and give it another try. Was my pride really so wounded that I couldn’t just continue attending and practicing my vocals until the goal was reached? Did I allow a spirit of offense to slip into my heart?

Beyond what happened with this particular congregation though, it’s been an uphill battle to make it to any Sunday service at all lately; a strange pattern of feeling extremely tired and heavy shortly before it’s time to go, and never quite being ready on time. I’ll find subtle reasons to delay the getting-ready, until I’m delayed to a point of being too embarrassed to even show up. Then I decide to just stay in, or go run errands. “Next week I’ll get ready sooner,” I say to myself. “Next week I’ll definitely be there.” But then the same problem repeats itself the following week!

I really WANT to go. I truly want to honor Jesus in that way, and be in beautiful community and service with fellow believers. But to my flesh it suddenly becomes the most unappealing thing in the world to step outside my home. I may get other chores, errands and to-dos accomplished instead, but it never ends with a real sense of accomplishment. By Sunday evening I never feel like it was a better decision to cook, vacuum, grocery shop and tidy up over attending church. Sincere apologies are sent up to Jesus for failing yet again; for not being present and showing that He’s worth that time to me. I pray for His help in getting back on track with it. At some point though, I need to finally take charge and make a change.

I’d prefer to be writing this blog at a point where I’ve already achieved victory and redirected the habit back to where it should be; but it felt more honest (and perhaps helpful towards reaching that victory) in bringing it up right in the midst. If you are someone who is going through a similar season of struggling to commit to a church community, let’s be prayer warriors for one another. Let’s pray for Jesus’ help in getting to the root of this spiritual and mental block, and being freed of it. Let’s reach out to believers we know and trust for support and accountability. (Even if it takes being picked up on Sunday and riding along with someone, we’re not meant to journey through the Christian walk alone.) It might also benefit us greatly to schedule an appointment with a quality inner healing or sozo ministry, to help break down any walls, strongholds, believed lies, unforgiveness, etc. that we may be captive to. Since the Church mattered so much to Jesus, it can and should matter greatly to us as well. To allow this commitment to fall to the wayside is to remove a huge amount of growth, strengthening and fulfillment from our lives. We simply cannot allow the enemy, nor the demands of the times, to tear apart and isolate us. Let’s get back on the battlefield Church family, our Lion of Judah leading the way, and be the Bride that witnesses His love conquering all darkness!


“For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”” -Matthew 18:20 (NLT)

“Let me tell you why you are here. You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth. If you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness? You’ve lost your usefulness and will end up in the garbage. Here’s another way to put it: You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a city on a hill. If I make you light-bearers, you don’t think I’m going to hide you under a bucket, do you? I’m putting you on a light stand. Now that I’ve put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand—shine! Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven.” -Matthew 5:13-16 (MSG)

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Fruit in the Storm

By Donna McCabe (Ready For The Harvest Founder)

When we encounter the trials of life, there are many ways we react. Some react with denial: ignoring what is happening and doing nothing about it, all while hoping the situation will go away. Then there are those who try to run from the problem. This is accomplished through distractions like shopping sprees, alcohol, food, diving into work, etc. Some fight back, trying anything and everything they can to make the problem go away. If it is something within their control this is often a viable option. However, it fails and leaves people exhausted when the problem is beyond their control. We may pray about the problem, looking for help in our turmoil. We may complain, feel self-pity, carry depression, etc. As I’ve been walking through my health issues, I can honestly say that I have done all of these (minus the alcohol, as I’m not much of a drinker). 

I look at the New Testament heroes of faith and I don’t see them running, complaining or doing anything except worshipping. Peter and John were arrested after healing the blind man at the gate. They confronted their accusers boldly, and after release went and worshipped, asking God for more boldness. Stephen, when he was arrested, didn’t complain. He stood in confidence; even facing death he was solidly focused on Christ, not worried about how to get out of the situation or complaining about how God could allow this to happen to him. The list goes on.

They all did not run from their problems, but trusted God in the process. Right where they were at, fruit came forth. Steven, when he was killed, manifested fruit of peace which came from rest. As a result, those who were stoning him were deeply convicted. Fruit came from the storm. When Paul was arrested he worshipped, not running when the doors opened, and the resulting fruit was that the prison guards came to Christ. Fruit in the storm.

No matter what you are going through personally, in our nation, in your family, at work or wherever, I can say that fruit will come IN the storm if we keep our focus right. I have been trying to escape my storm, and believed that the fruit would come once it was over and I could get back to ministry. That was a lie. God wants to bring forth great fruit IN the middle of my storm. Through the tempest of tears, I know great fruit is coming right here, right now in the middle of my storm. I don’t have to do anything other than rest and trust God.  The same is true for you! As you rest and trust God each step of the way, fruit will come in the middle of your storm, not because of what you do but because it is who God is.

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Positively, Genuinely Unoffendable

By Abby Hersh (Ready For The Harvest Intern)

Is being unoffendable… actually human?

This week has already been another lesson in this for me, as I stumbled upon a short “be unoffendable sermon” on YouTube, naturally the very night before an unpleasant argument with someone very close to me. In those situations it becomes quite easy to blame something that was said or done, or how it was said or done, as the reason for our resulting reaction. But even that mentality, though common, pushes responsibility away from ourselves. It encourages us to believe that we in fact don’t have control over our emotions and responses, and are dependent upon what other people do or say for how we’re going to feel and act. What seems like wisdom and honesty is actually bondage… bondage to man’s way of thinking, which greatly hinders the richness of our relationships and the loving power of Holy Spirit working through us. God has called us into supernatural living with supernatural responses to things like conflict and confrontation, only because it’s been proven possible for the Jesus living inside of us!

So why can it be so hard to take ownership of that Heavenly-wisdom mindset? For me at least, it gets more and more difficult to follow the more I’ve been neglecting my precious time with the Lord. In the above scenario of disagreeing with a loved one, why didn’t I take a mental note of the beautiful sermon I had just heard the night before, and respond to the initial criticism I received accordingly- with humility, understanding, love and grace? One way in which my spiritual armor against the devil’s schemes had come down: simply neglecting quality time with the Godhead. A brief stint of wonderfully in-depth morning quiet time had fizzled off into quick morning prayers in the car ride to work. Even those short moments of connection were soon replaced with vocal exercises, car radio singalongs and on-the-go breakfasts. Early mornings became last-minute mornings; then Sunday church mornings became other-things-to-get-done mornings, and I started becoming all-around “too busy” to plug into my one and only Life Source- the only One worth living for in the first place!

All of this happened in the mere span of the past month or so; it can be so subtle, so quick, almost indiscernible, our drifting away from our wonderful Jesus. What usually IS discernible though, is how it gradually begins affecting more and more areas of our life. It starts seeming a little more difficult to get along with some of our loved ones. Giving money to those in need becomes a little more painful, or little thought of in the first place. We may feel a general emotional exhaustion or malaise that’s difficult to shake. Old bad habits may start slipping back (for me things related to disorganization, irresponsibility and stubbornness). It doesn’t take long to realize that life lived without the Lord is far less beautiful… far less peaceful, joyful and fruitful. For that I am tremendously thankful, because these days it snaps me back to His side quite quickly! Who really wants to leave God’s presence once they realize how much more fulfilling life is with Him? It’s only when the enemy’s lies and the world’s wisdom take hold in our minds that we can start settling for anything less.

I hope this reminder to my own heart to “plug back in” can encourage yours to do the same! (Hopefully you’ve been staying plugged in along though!) ;) How beautiful is our Jesus. How amazing the price He paid for us, and how open His arms continue to be to every one of His children. May we keep our hearts close to Him, in that spirit of faith, surrender, repentance and childlike dependence that He adores. May we continue to find our rest and refuge right where we were created to be all along. May we continue to saturate our minds with His beautiful, life-giving Word, and battle against every lie with our praises, petitions and intercessions. May we continue to know and believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that He is with us, He is for us and He has placed us here for an incredible purpose and incredible fellowship with Him every single day. Let’s fall in love all over again, brothers and sisters in Christ, with the One and only One who brings us freedom and life!

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True Wilderness

by Beckie Bagby (Ready For The Harvest Guest Blogger)

I have heard many Christians speak of having a ‘wilderness experience’ from God- how they were depressed or angry, God was far away, nothing was going their way and they thought it would never end. They usually close by saying with gratitude that something finally changed, everything got better and they finally entered ‘the promised land’, delivered from their wilderness experience. Life could be enjoyed again now.

I’m going to go out on a limb, and say that I don’t think that was actually a Heaven-assigned wilderness experience at all. Perhaps the enemy pulled the wool over their eyes; made them believe that his attacks were some kind of ‘growing experience’ fashioned by their Creator. But any experience that draws us away from God is not God- it is the enemy.

Please hear me out. I won’t go recap all of the book of Exodus for you, but everything I am about to say can be found in there (as well as Numbers, Leviticus and Deuteronomy). Two events directly preceded the wilderness experience of the Jews: their deliverance from slavery, and their alignment with unbelief and fear. God showed them their Promised Land- even sent them in early to check it out- but they saw intimidating giants and were fearful. That fear gave way to unbelief. Then God basically said, ‘Ok then, I will wait for a generation that believes and is not afraid.’

Many say Israel wandered in the wilderness. Not so. They were led by a loving God who was with them always, in fire by night and a cloud by day. God never left them. He led them, kept them and provided for them: food each day (and even water from a rock), clothes and sandals that never wore out, healing and safety. He showed them how to govern themselves, and taught them about His nature, goodness, generosity, holiness and righteousness.

Remember, they had been slaves under Pharaoh in Egypt. They had no idea how to live as free people. God, who loved them and delivered them, had to show them that true freedom existed through Him and Him alone. If they would trust in Him, He would bless them beyond their wildest dreams.

It’s the same for us today. Before we are saved, we live as slaves… to both the world and ourselves. And after we’re saved, we might still feel afraid to fully leave the world behind to follow God. We could have times when we struggle to believe that He even IS who He says He is. But in a true, Kingdom-based wilderness experience we will not be far from God…. We’ll seek Him (keeping perspective) and see that He’s right there with us! He will lead us, grow us and teach us to depend on Him for everything. We’ll discover just how ever present He is, how He will provide for us, and that He really is who He says He is. And then we might just follow Him right into our destiny as a child of the Most High God.

A true, Godly wilderness experience will join us to God in a deep, trusting, loving and completely personal way; until we know- beyond a shadow of a doubt- that our destiny is to forever be in Him, following Him. Selah…

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Through A New Lens

By Donna McCabe (Ready For The Harvest Founder)

Can a person truly find light in the darkest seasons of their life?

I believe yes! For those who love God, that is a lasting promise he makes to his children– that He will work all things for our good! Does that mean everything goes the way we want it to and there is no pain in life? Unfortunately, no!

I have been in one of the hardest seasons of my life. I’ve been struggling with some severe health issues and my perspective of the situation has been constantly challenged (in good, healthy, life-giving ways most of the time). God has been taking me deeper into my identity in Him and showing me areas that need a change in perspective. Am I a sick person trying to get healthy or a healthy person fighting off sickness? Perspective makes all the difference and influences our thoughts, attitudes and actions.

When we encounter life’s challenges (typically identified by things than consume our thoughts, time and emotions), we can pause, pray and determine what our perspective is in this given situation. Am I seeing things from God’s perspective or man’s? Am I a joyful person experiencing a moment of sadness or a sad person trying to find happiness? Am I an overcomer or a victim? Am I optimistic, full of hope and eager for what is to come, or am I afraid of things that may or may not happen and trying to find peace and hope? It’s all about perspective, and it all comes down to our identity in Christ and how we see ourselves.

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Knocking Down the Dams

By Abby Hersh (Ready For The Harvest Intern)

Are my blessings, giftings, anointing and Christlike love flowing out like a river, or stagnating within like a lake?

It’s a vital question to ask ourselves as we journey through the Christian life; as we come across so many viewpoints, mindsets and environments wildly different from our own in the day-to-day. It’s certainly part of being American (and, well, human) to seek and relish in comfort. To bask in the glow of being accepted, understood, even admired by the people around us. To see the places we tread our feet on significantly impacted and improved by our presence there.

Then there’s our wonderful Father God, who deeply loves us and truly knows what our hearts, minds and souls need most at any given season. He delights in seeing His children’s joy and prosperity, but is committed to their long-term development. As a wise, responsible, empowering father He won’t encourage selfishness or pride or laziness… He won’t tolerate lies and strongholds that hinder us from growing good character and progressing towards Heaven-appointed destiny. He’s well aware of the roadblocks we face as a well-to-do Western culture (many of the roadblocks appearing as the most desirable things our hands could ever grasp). Do our prayers/time/energy/money spent reflect saints who long for His Kingdom to come, here on Earth as it is Heaven? Or have we been gradually discouraged by the times, gradually downgrading our motives and perspective into well-padded, self-insulating community?

What’s been challenging me most in this area is my current workplace… secular and liberal, with a general energy and flavor drastically different from the community I’m used to being surrounded by. God’s allowing me to be fully immersed in the classic “fish out of water” scenario; tempted to feel largely disconnected, irrelevant and naive in this little-tank-in-a-big-city that we swim through 40 hours per week. I trotted in a year ago, of course, with high hopes of radically impacting the office with the life-transforming love and power of Christ. (& I’m sure, in many small subtle ways that we may never know about this side of eternity, we do.) But my plans were BIG- I mean, Todd White-Heidi-Baker big! I was expecting some massive miracles and massive breakthrough, especially amongst the five non-believing or sort-of-believing coworkers I share a tiny space with everyday. 

Once it sunk in that these radical changes weren’t panning out in the timeframe and scope I had envisioned, I slowly- without even realizing it- began to withdraw. I spent less and less time trying to engage in meaningful conversation with the team; less and less time bothering to show up to work events; less and less time interceding for them. I enjoyed retreating to my headphones most of the day instead, enjoying all the wonderful worship music, audio bibles and podcasts that were at my fingertips. I’d relish in that little inner escape- looking forward to the joyous Christian world awaiting me at upcoming ministry and church events- and remain mostly detached from the work world I couldn’t get out of yet. I still knew God had called me to be a powerful presence of love at that company, but it was just so much easier to mentally check out; to be fine with basking in the endless goodness and freedom of Christ on my own. (“Enjoy your chains and unhappiness, folks! I did what I could.”)

God has thankfully been refocusing and re-softening my heart lately, and I’m getting committed to be purposeful right where I am again, as unto Him. But this time He’s helping me learn to simply be present and be myself- who HE and no one else made me to be, unoffended and unafraid; seeking His help and leadership and trusting that His Spirit can work through that. I’m starting to recognize the daily little moments He continuously provides to simply choose love over pride (even if it’s just asking a jaded coworker how their weekend was and giving them a compliment or two, when it’d be much more satisfying to my flesh to keep silent.) He’s encouraging me to start setting an example with my conduct, work performance, integrity, words, kindness, forgiveness and even self-confidence (in spite of being the youngest and most out-of-place on the team). Think 1 Timothy 4:12 & Proverbs 28:1! 

No matter our age, qualifications or shortcomings, when we prove ourselves faithful with the small things God will entrust us with much. When we’re willing to stoop lower and make little Christlike choices and mindset changes, we can start finding real joy and progress in the present. We’ll begin making steps towards passionate dreams and goals, like going out and impacting entire people groups and regions; (or actually start having hearts burdened in that way if we didn’t before)! It will bring us unmatchable joy to accept where God has us right now, lean upon His grace every second and seek to love as Jesus did any chance we get- one small step at a time. He HAS given us the beautiful authority to accomplish this, by the price that He already paid! & right now He’s calling us, as His children, to be the victors touching those the devil made victims. Right now He’s calling us to “stop for the one”, as Heidi Baker would say, always knowing that one is worth the cost of our comfort, pride and reputation. Right now He’s calling the dams to break and the mighty love inside of us to flow like a raging river.
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The Mountain-Moving Walk

By Abby Hersh (Ready For The Harvest Intern)

Does the way I think, act, and react everyday prove to Jesus that I believe Him?

Not intending to start every blog post with a question, but that seems to be the pattern that’s forming! This question came to my mind as Donna was telling me about a great Dan Mohler teaching she had just listened to; to paraphrase, it explained our tendency as Christians to carefully tip-toe through fear-based lives, the majority of our time spent in relative safety and comfort, and the majority of our prayers consumed by problems we’re worried about and needing God to fix. It made me realize how these habits can hold us back from so much life and fullness… from experiencing the truly “good stuff” we were meant for: the bold, effective, powerfully anointed prayers and intercessions and declarations; the trust-founded intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that constantly grows, challenges, surprises and delights us. When we spend all of our time consumed by the lesser issues of life- watching each day pan out in a self-focused defensive stance- we tragically miss the offensive approach; we never get to start moving mountains. It’s the sacrificial, faith-filled, dead-to-self living that transforms entire communities and cities and nations around us, one heart at a time.

I wish I could say I’ve already arrived at the mountain-moving Christian walk. (I may be moving small pebbles at the moment!) Have to admit I still haven’t even stepped out to pray for a nonbeliever yet since my last posting; just gave one (rejected) offer to pray for a young woman’s cough sadly. But I don’t want to fall into the trap of deciding I’m “stuck” where I’m at; that I haven’t arrived “by a long shot” and may not for years to come. None of us as believers, no matter how fearful or short-sighted or apparently ineffective at the present time, are as far from victorious living as we perceive. It all begins with small day-to-day steps in the right direction, in the direction of the throne room!

To get practical about this pursuit (a pursuit of deeper intimacy with God that naturally leads to righteous living), I do have to say that a new practice of last Monday to Friday already began radically transforming my journey (and even my workplace): get ready for this life-changing, earth-shattering revelation….. quiet time in the morning! Now I know this is something we hear we should do all the time, but knowing I should never gave me the motivation to actually try, like many things. But from a wonderful combination of powerful prayer impartation and good ‘ol fashioned decisions to start growing up, I have finally begun walking the talk of quiet time. It still isn’t happening every single morning- and last week the time I began grew later and later with each passing day- but it’s something I’m committed to prioritizing and pressing in for, and eventually making as natural as flossing. (You floss everyday, right?) ;)

For this first week I decided to invest the hours into praying specifically for my coworkers and our general office environment, and subtle but encouraging changes began taking root. I was becoming progressively more confident in my authority and relationship with Jesus; I was more aware of the power of His presence pervading the building, its various workspaces, rooms and corridors. Natural favor and easy conversation with many of the staff members around me seemed to increase. Even our own department was more joyful and unified than usual. There was an all-around positive and peaceful energy in that small shared room, at least enough to keep me excited about showing up early. (This isn’t to say that resistance never came against it though! Some surprising trials and testings definitely still developed.) But I just know that heaven was with us that week, and will absolutely continue making quiet time a priority in the days to come. As long as I constantly remind myself of the amazing things Jesus has already done through it, I’ll remain ignited with vision and passion and purpose even in the face of adversity. (We can’t ever forget the power of our testimonies!)

After hearing this story of God using a small step to bring significant impact, in what areas of your own life are you most desiring to see His breakthrough and resurrection life? How can you begin to bring small (or big) sacrificial changes, like daily quiet time, into those situations? I challenge each of us to pick something new to walk out this week, and share each other’s experiences afterwards! I bet we’ll be shocked at how those small moves of faith begin transforming relationships, environments and our overall eyes for the mighty goodness of Jesus.
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Compelled by Love

By Donna McCabe (Ready For The Harvest Founder)

I’ve heard it said that stepping out into the supernatural is very much like pressing a boulder, or trying to push a car that won’t start. There’s this hard part at the very beginning where you’re trying to gain momentum; you’re trying to pick up enough speed to make it easier, but it’s just really a struggle at first!

That’s exactly what I experienced when I first started stepping out in this; it was hard to approach anybody. Sometimes when I did I got shut down. And I never even saw anybody healed in that moment… never! I think I prayed for people for two years before I finally saw, on a somewhat consistent basis, people get healed. It was two full years of stepping out (not everyday, but at least once a week) and praying for those I crossed paths with. Two years of searching Scripture, and figuring out that this really is God’s will (and actually convincing myself of it)! Two years, at least, of setting aside time every day to worship Him, commune with Him, host His presence; spending time renewing my mind to the truth that He’s in me and I’m in Him, and we are one. That when I pray for people it’s not really me praying for them, and it’s not really me healing them, but it’s Him in me that does this. That it’s His good pleasure, His design, His perfect will to flow through me; to let me be the vessel; to use His people to see other people healed and bring forth the Kingdom here on Earth. That’s what it’s all about! 

And as I kept praying for people, and kept praying for people, at first it was about seeing people healed. My motives were wrong. And then He began to check my heart motive, and I realized that it had been about growing a gifting or growing in something. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but there has to come a time where we change, and our heart motive is about loving the one in front of us, and becoming love; becoming just like our Father. And then as I stepped out with this heart motive of love, I realized love never fails; and as I would pray for people I would see them healed! It’s a glorious thing to be a part of… and I’m amazed that He chooses to use us in this capacity. 

I got rid of a bunch of the lies I’d believed that held me back… lies that said people deserved the sickness that they had; that there was somebody they didn’t forgive, or there was some sort of sin. I realized that God is a God of mercy, not a God of judgment. And it was in that truth, in realizing that truth, that I began stepping into a new place where over half of the people I prayed for (easily half of the people) on a given day were healed. On a great day I would see 90% healed (just out in the marketplace, in everyday life, when I would go out for outreach). That really shifted things for me. And now here I am… I’ve seen everything from AIDs, to tumors, to metal in backs, just everything healed. And it’s amazing; and it’s glorious, and I encourage you to go for more because there is always more! 

Have questions, comments or testimonies related to what Donna shared? 
Please submit in the Comments section of our Facebook post, at! God bless!

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Joy Through Trial

Recently, I’ve been in a season on ‘going through’ if you know what I mean. It seems to be a time when there have been a lot of major and minor things happening in my life and honestly a few weeks ago I was discouraged. Then, I went to hear one of my favorite speakers ever, Dan Mohler, who talked about how having faith brings joy through trials.

Now, here’s what I did not understand. God promises nothing can harm me, nothing can separate me from His love, and that I have all power, authority, etc. over everything the enemy does. So, why do I have the things going on in my life?! If I have power and authority over the storm, can I not just command peace and the storm leaves? I want a nice cushy life (we all do if we are honest), yet we are told we will have trials in the Bible. Does this seem like a contradiction to anyone else? Seriously! Joy in storms, yet absolute authority over all things. If have authority over the storms, why even have them at all! No storms would bring me great joy, right!?

I am not saying I fully understand this, but as I’ve been wrestling with what the Word of God says, I know these two things have to go together somehow. Having absolute authority and being untouchable by the enemy must somehow fit with you will go through trials. (Scripture references for these promises Psalm 91:10 ESV “No evil shall be allowed to befall you nor any plague come near your dwelling.” and 1 Peter 1:6 “In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials”) How can these fit together? God’s word is true so I know they have to fit together somehow.

Here is what I believe God was showing me this morning. If we do not go through trials, how will we ever know that our faith is real? If I believe in healing and never get the opportunity to pray for someone to see them healed, how will I know it works? A friend of mine believes fully in God’s forgiveness yet didn’t fully understand it until she had the opportunity to stumble and walk through receiving grace and forgiveness for herself. She says without going through it, I never really understood what it was all about. Her hope became alive! Her hope that God’s promise of grace and forgiveness became a living hope, one that she knows experientially works. Nothing can take that away. Time can take away logical understanding or even memorization of promises, but if you have seen God’s hand come through and bring to life His promises, you now have a LIVING HOPE which cannot be destroyed. That brings great joy!

I can have joy through the trials because I know I get the opportunity to see God’s promises become a reality in my life! Praise the LORD!!! That is great joy. I also know that as I am going through I can rest in Him knowing NOTHING can harm me. His hand of protection is upon me. Yes, the enemy make take a cheap shot and try to make me sick or something but immediately I run to God and God restores me, heals me and frees me over and over and over again! I am experiencing what it means to be untouchable!

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Which Tree Are You Eating From?

I was struck this morning as I read in Romans 7. Verse 5 says, “For while we were living in the flesh, our sinful passions, aroused by the law, were at work in our member to bear fruit for death.” Wow! Really? The Law arouses our sinful passions? That’s what it says. No wonder when I used to focus on trying to live right and do the right thing, I always seemed not to!

Then, I remembered Genesis and the garden. There were two trees, the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man was told not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Isn’t that what we are doing when we are trying NOT to sin? We are looking at what is good and what is evil. We are focused on the wrong thing. We are eating from the wrong tree. I spent much of my life eating from the wrong tree. There were good things that happened, but I never found full freedom from eating from the wrong tree. I ate from it when I looked at the sinful things I had done, when I searched for reasons why things were happening to me, when I went through inner healing. All were knowledge of good and evil. It may not have been evil I did, but it could be evil done against me. The result is the same; eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

We are released from the Old Covenant (most of us were never really under it anyway because we are not Jewish). Jesus paid the price. We get to FEAST on the Tree of Life. Jesus came to bring us life and life abundant. All we have to do is say yes, accept the free gift and renew our mind to Truth! His Truth! We are free. We are made in His image. It is good. We are now slaves to righteousness meaning we desire only to do the right things. As we focus on who we are, we renew our mind to TRUTH, which is THE ONLY way we can have a transformed life. Feast from the Tree of Life! Live in Freedom always.

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